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Dont click me.

2010-10-25 15:02:51 by IronFusion

Okay you clicked. But seriously.

You got snagged. Go comment

P.S cant seem to connect to Newgrounds Radio Chat by PoderOdunk. Any ideas onto why?


2010-06-04 17:06:30 by IronFusion

Meh. just a bunch of Dump links that ive recently uploaded
Two player "Checkpoint" race
Bouncy platformy
Click Counter
Low-Quality-cant-be-assed-to-finish whiteboard
Message sender
Message Receiver
Saving NotePad

You seriously have to try the Newground Radio Chat, created by PoderOdunk. If you haven't yet, go there NOW! (the current version as of this news post)

If you want to visit his userpage..


2009-08-27 09:13:42 by IronFusion

i put together ParagonX9's and Metaljonus's Chaoz Fantasy music together into a single audio track. (i had to change the tempo slightly.. but meh its ok).

not sure whether i should submit to audio portal or not.. but i dont care that much. you guys might.

meh=====>i havent actually changed the content of the songs/audio/tunes......ect themselves, apart from slowing the tempo down on Metaljonus.
EDIT: turns out i need to convert the file type. but i am going to upload it... sometime

finally been bothered to download the lame_enc.dll which enables me to save as .mp3 files. Yay. so anyway, i guess that means its in the audio portal now.. fingers crossed.

dunno where its got to, perhaps its just going to take a year to get through.... maybe..

also, i may actually be assed to make an mp3 thing using random pirates of the carribean tunes from random sources.( or not ...)